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Wed Dec 11 12:08:28 UTC 2013

> 2013/12/11 Serge Wroclawski <emacsen at gmail.com>:

>> On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 3:58 AM,

>> <angelo.cleanthous at eurocyinnovations.com>

>> wrote:


>>> Hello,

>>> My name is Angelos Cleanthous and I am sending you this

>>> email on behalf of FixCyprus team. We are currently in the
process of

>>> migrating our services to the fixmystreet platform. We now
want to add

>>> all

>>> the areas of Cyprus inside global.mapit because as we see
they are not

>>> covered. In the docs it says we can send a request to your

>>> list.

>>> We have the klm file but inside they are no administrative

>>> boundaries like (O08). Do we need to have

>>> those?


>> I wish I understood your email, but I don't. Maybe I'm stupid.


>> This list (imports at osm.org) is for discussing imports that will

>> from

>> some external dataset into the OpenStreetMap project.


>> I don't know what fixmystreets is, or what a global mapit is, or

>> either

>> of them relate to importing data into OSM.


>> Can you explain what it is you're doing so that simple people
like me

>> can

>> understand?


> Mapit Global is this:

> http://global.mapit.mysociety.org/

> They use a subset of admin boundaries that they take from OSM, so

> question is whether Cyprus' admin boundaries are in OSM or not,

> whether they're tagged appropriately. I guess "imports" is

> relevant if the boundaries are not there yet and if Angelo has a

> of boundaries that they want to add to OSM...


> Best

> Dan


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Hello ,

Yes Dan is right not all area boundaries are covered from OSM for Cyprus
and we want to add them. I have the KLM attached . Does the information
inside the KLM covers what you need to make the import?
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