[Imports] IBGE subnormal agglomerates imports

Fernando Trebien fernando.trebien at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 04:01:29 UTC 2013


I've started making this import:

But I missed the step of consulting with this list first, and I
apologize for that. I'm putting further imports on hold until I hear
from you.

The description in the link above is very comprehensive on what has
been done to prepare and clean up the data for importing.

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> Sure. Sorry, I didn't post it to the imports-list. Here's the article in
> the wiki with all the details:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import/Catalogue/Brazil_IBGE_Subnorma
> l_Agglomerates

The import guidelines require consultation with imports at . Before doing any
further imports, please contact the list to discuss your import and to
decide if any cleanup or reverting needs to be done of the existing import.

Could you please provide a link to the license.

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