[Imports] INSPIRE / Was: SV: Sardinia Imports

Thomas Hirsch Thomas.Hirsch at kartverket.no
Thu Nov 21 17:49:34 UTC 2013

> what is an 'INSPIRE dataset' and how is this useful

To my limited knowledge, it's an attempt to create a grand unified model for EU geodata across national borders. 
That includes a directive for graphical representation (thus WMS), but more interestingly a semantic standard - the same classification across all datasets we will encounter.

> I am however not aware that anything substantial came out of it 

Seems like it just happened (cf. Sardinia). The wiki also refers to Denmark and UK. 
While substantial deadlines are in the far future, the semantic standards are crystallizing - and what happens is that authoritative sources will try to follow INSPIRE standards where available for new services in order to avoid doubling their work, so more datasets like that are bound to pop up.

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