[Imports] NYC building and address import

Alex Barth alex at mapbox.com
Fri Oct 4 13:29:23 UTC 2013

On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 2:06 AM, Paul Norman <penorman at mac.com> wrote:

> 1.       **It’s good to see the files no longer have the contradictory
> information. Mentioning this would have been good, as it was one of the
> items holding up the import. The new links added to the wiki actually
> didn’t help this issue, as the issue was always the restrictions present in
> the meta-data in the zip file.
Sorry, missed to mention. The files have been cleared of metadata and don't
contain any licensing information whatsoever. This is all captured in the
download screen and the Data Policy and Open Standards Manual on the open
data site (https://nycopendata.socrata.com/). This is consistent with NYC
open data policy.

> ****
> **2.       **You don’t have any proposed tagging on the wiki page, nor
> has proposed tagging been discussed
>From the beginning of this thread the attribute mapping and tagging has
been part of the proposal. I've now moved the attribute tagging into the
proposal for easier access:


******3.       **You don’t have what changeset tags will be used
Nothing special, we're using import accounts.


> ****
> **4.       **There is still the unresolved issue of how to upload areas
> with no buildings in OSM. The conclusion when it was discussed was that
> doing it centrally once in bulk was the safest method, but I don’t see this
> reflected in the documentation yet.
We've thought a lot about this and I've consulted here with Ian Dees and
the proposing team. It turns out that the challenge really won't be
buildings in areas that don't have any buildings at all, but rather the
areas where we need to do conflation work. We're putting this theory to a
test now in our first imports.
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