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Daniel O'Connor daniel.oconnor at gmail.com
Sun Oct 20 21:03:45 UTC 2013

Can we all take a moment, pause,  and relax a bit?

On one side, we have a contributor with pride on their side annoyed at the
insinuation they are doing something wrong.
On the other;  we have a group that worries about imports going wrong.

The two end goals: get data imported to the net benefit of the mapping
community are the same.

@Randal, how best can this group help you moving forward?

As you can see the are a few pieces of advice from the group here around
taking it slowly, encouraging a written plan, sharing some of the samples
of work you plan on importing.

I think if you put aside some of the heat in the responses;  you can admit
there is merit behind these recommendations.

Would you like help doing a writeup of the plan?
Happy to lend a hand there

   just to understand this better:

On 10/20/2013 02:49 AM, Randal Hale wrote:
> The data was donated yesterday. Data prep started yesterday.

So you have thought about how to import it for one full day, and you
haven't talked to anyone else about it, and ...

> Since the editathon is this weekend - I'm not spending the better part
> of a week arguiing the merits of building foot print data. I needed to
> show progress today - it's building foot print data - not addresses or
> anything else.

... you are not even *willing* to talk because you need to "show
progress" two days after the data has been donated?

Please, with regards to imports that's about as bad as it gets. If you
have no time to do it right, then don't do it, period.


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