[Imports] Deletable KSJ2 import tags

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sat Sep 7 08:54:53 UTC 2013

I was working on osm2pgsql stuff and ran across a lot of tags from the KSJ2
import, many of which can probably be deleted.

It looks the shapefile -> osm conversion dumped all the shapefile attributes
in as KSJ:* tags

Below are a couple of samples, English in brackets is a translation

Way 235010334
KSJ2:COP_label = 不明 [Unknown]
KSJ2:DFD = 流下方向判明 [Flow direction found]
KSJ2:LOC = c-1734
KSJ2:RIC = 8606040000
KSJ2:RIN = 名称不明 [Unknown name]
KSJ2:WSC = 860604
KSJ2:curve_id = c-1734
KSJ2:filename = W05-09_26.xml
KSJ2:river_id = r-1734

Way 23794809
KSJ2:AAC = 07367
KSJ2:AAC_label = 福島県南会津郡只見町 [Fukushima Prefecture Minamiaizu-gun
Tadami town]
KSJ2:ARE = s194000001
KSJ2:HOW = 510
KSJ2:LDM = 0
KSJ2:LPN = 田子倉湖 [Tagokurako] (The value of the name=* tag)
KSJ2:curve_id = c194000003
KSJ2:curve_type = interior
KSJ2:lake_id = gc01_194

Could someone more familiar with the import comment on what tags should be
added to the list of tags that editors remove?

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