[Imports] Dutch addresses and buildings import - how to deal with addresses in apartments

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Wed Jan 29 07:11:53 UTC 2014

As a preface, I should state that no decision has been made to import
multiple addresses on top of each other, as this is the first time it's been


Imports need to not screw up the data, which includes not making it
excessively difficult to edit in iD and Potlatch2. None of the editors
handle overlapping nodes well. It's possible in JOSM if you know exactly
how, but it's a pain. I'm not positive about iD or P2, but I couldn't figure
it out. Given the current state of editor support, I don't see any way that
an import of stacked nodes like this will be okay.


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Subject: [Imports] Dutch addresses and buildings import - how to deal with
addresses in apartments


Hi all


Some days ago Paul checked a testimport and stumbled across the JOSM
validator warning 'Nodes at same position'. An example can be seen here:
33806> &mlon=4.33806#map=19/52.01284/4.33806

The Vermeertoren (named after the famous Dutch painter) is a typical Dutch
high rise building of 23 floors, combining an underground parking garage, a
health care center, a child care center (kindergarten), social and luxury
housing. That means a lot of addresses in one building. The address data as
available in the official database (the BAG) combines several different
addresses into a single LAT/LON coordinate. The WIKI on multiple addresses 


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