[Imports] San Francisco building heights import

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Fri Dec 2 15:33:10 UTC 2016

On 02/12/16 11:19, James wrote:
> +1 Greg
> Frederik if you read the wiki, there are multiple examples proving +3m 
> in one case(out of 283m so very low in overall %), but a couple cm in 
> others(for big buildings). There is even an example to prove small 
> buildings are accurate as well.
> It's cases like this that make me think some people are against 
> improving the map faster, and do everything in an archaic way. Would 
> you also question if someone went from building to building with a 
> measuring tape, saying how do we know this person knows how to measure 
> properly?
I think it is entirely reasonable for Frederik to ask these questions in 
the polite, concise way that he does. Imports have a chequered history 
in OSM. Local ownership seems to make a big difference.

In my opinion quality of map improvements is more important than speed 
of delivery. If quality and speed can go hand in hand then so much the 
better, but imports that quickly fill an empty space have not always 
turned out to be very valuable.

I can make no judgement about this particular import, but Frederik is 
entitled to ask pertinent questions and I support his effort to keep the 
data quality high.

Cheers, Chris (chillly)

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