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Joshua Houston joshuahouston at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 01:41:49 UTC 2016

I'm sorry, I'm not sure my last email went through. My response was to
Rory. Additional text has been added by me after my response to Rory.

Hi Rory,

I understand your concern about my tags. I hadn't thought of a supermarket
as somewhere that I would also tag retail. And though I understand this
concern, I feel it is getting away from the imports topic and more into
tagging critiques. A few retail tags have been removed from buildings
downtown as well but this was a choice I made. Some of the buildings have
apartments or living quarters on the upper levels. I've made the choice to
tag buildings as "yes" for now and will tackle very specific tags that
pertain to the building as a whole or individually after the import is

Thank you!


I've made certain with the former Municipal Engineer (current City
Engineer), Stephen Weatherman, that the imagery is in Public Domain. He has
been with the City longer than I have so I knew he would know better than
I. All our imagery is owned by the City. For some reason DGGS removed
access to the imagery that I was linking to on the wiki. I wrote to them to
explain I was trying to share the imagery with Mapbox (different issue) and
with the OpenStreetMap crowd. Anyway, I've now put up my City contact info
(along with employment page link) on the wiki. We don't have a portal with
which I can publish the data for download, but anyone who contacts me at
the City may download the data.

At first, I thought since this import project is not something I'm working
on at work, but instead something I'm working on in my own time, that I
wouldn't need to act as if I speak on behalf of the City. But now I feel
that it would've made things go smoother.

Thank you for all of your responses. Please let me know if there are any
further issues on licensing or import.

And when do I know that I can proceed? Is it when the ODbL Status gets the
green OK?


Joshua Houston
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