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Usually there's a waiting period of 2ish weeks since beginning of post to
come to a favorable agreement. If no one pops up about it, you write back
with something along the lines of: there seems to be a favorable agreement
for the import and xyz weeks/days have past since posting. I will be moving
forward with the import as planned. Thank you and have a nice day.

Then magic happens and you are allowed to import

On Dec 20, 2016 8:43 PM, "Joshua Houston" <joshuahouston at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm sorry, I'm not sure my last email went through. My response was to
> Rory. Additional text has been added by me after my response to Rory.
> Hi Rory,
> I understand your concern about my tags. I hadn't thought of a supermarket
> as somewhere that I would also tag retail. And though I understand this
> concern, I feel it is getting away from the imports topic and more into
> tagging critiques. A few retail tags have been removed from buildings
> downtown as well but this was a choice I made. Some of the buildings have
> apartments or living quarters on the upper levels. I've made the choice to
> tag buildings as "yes" for now and will tackle very specific tags that
> pertain to the building as a whole or individually after the import is
> complete.
> Thank you!
> All,
> I've made certain with the former Municipal Engineer (current City
> Engineer), Stephen Weatherman, that the imagery is in Public Domain. He has
> been with the City longer than I have so I knew he would know better than
> I. All our imagery is owned by the City. For some reason DGGS removed
> access to the imagery that I was linking to on the wiki. I wrote to them to
> explain I was trying to share the imagery with Mapbox (different issue) and
> with the OpenStreetMap crowd. Anyway, I've now put up my City contact info
> (along with employment page link) on the wiki. We don't have a portal with
> which I can publish the data for download, but anyone who contacts me at
> the City may download the data.
> At first, I thought since this import project is not something I'm working
> on at work, but instead something I'm working on in my own time, that I
> wouldn't need to act as if I speak on behalf of the City. But now I feel
> that it would've made things go smoother.
> Thank you for all of your responses. Please let me know if there are any
> further issues on licensing or import.
> And when do I know that I can proceed? Is it when the ODbL Status gets the
> green OK?
> Thanks,
> Joshua Houston
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