[Imports] RFC: LA County building import (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Alan McConchie alan.mcconchie at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 18:59:55 UTC 2016

Hello all,

We are proposing an import of the public domain building and assessor data for LA County [0]. This covers ~3M buildings for the whole county (2008 - 2014). 
We will be combining two datasets from LA county for this import: The building data for geometry and the assessor data for building use (i.e. residential, commercial, etc.). There is also an address dataset, but we are punting this for now due to various data conflation issues.

Before we go ahead with the process, we are requesting the community for review and approval:

* Conversion scripts available in github [1].
* Workflow for a community managed manual import [2].
* Sample data for evaluation, available in a custom Tasking Manager [3].  Please evaluate the data and test the workflow.

So far, we have spent many months preparing the data processing scripts and testing the data. We have notified the local community in the following ways: 

* We consulted the imports-us list and the talk-us list. [4]
* We emailed the OSM Southern California meetup group (the de facto local community) [5]
* We sent messages through OSM.org to the top OSM contributors in the LA area (using a list of the top 100 contributors from ITO OSM Mapper).

We have incorporated the feedback from this consultation, and we have a growing list of local OSM contributors who are willing to help with the import.

Our future plans:

* Get feedback and consensus from this list (imports at openstreetmap.org)
* Do two JOSM training sessions, one hosted by MaptimeLA, and one hosted by the Los Angeles Times newspaper.
* Begin the import process, ideally starting at the beginning of April.
* We will import the City of Los Angeles first, and then move on to other parts of the larger County of Los Angeles. We expect this process will take several months to complete.

We will have assistance from the Mapbox Data Team to do some of the importing work, but we have assurances from the Mapbox team that they will work alongside the local mappers and make sure that the local community is doing an equal amount of the work. You could call this a "community managed manual import with some remote assistance."

At this point DO NOT IMPORT ANY DATA INTO THE MAIN OSM DB. If you want to test the full import process use the OSM dev server. For any issues, please post in the Github repo [6].


On behalf of the team,

Alan McConchie, github.com/almccon
Jon Schleuss, github.com/jschleuss
Omar Ureta, github.com/cityhubla
Maning Sambale, github.com/maning

- [0] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Los_angeles,_California/Buildings_Import <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Los_angeles,_California/Buildings_Import>
- [1] https://github.com/osmlab/labuildings <https://github.com/osmlab/labuildings>
- [2] https://github.com/osmlab/labuildings/blob/master/IMPORTING.md <https://github.com/osmlab/labuildings/blob/master/IMPORTING.md>
- [3] <>
- [4] https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/imports-us/2016-February/000758.html <https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/imports-us/2016-February/000758.html>
- [5] http://www.meetup.com/OSM-Southern-California/ <http://www.meetup.com/OSM-Southern-California/>
- [6] https://github.com/osmlab/labuildings/issues <https://github.com/osmlab/labuildings/issues>
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