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CC By SA is not compatible with ODbL

You would need explicit permission from the city to license the data under
ODbL and that they own all the rights to the data

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> Hi, I want to import addresses (addr:street and addr:housenumber) for
> Pergamino city in Argentina, it has a population about 100,000 inhabitants.
> Data comes from Pergamino Hall Town. They have a GIS in
> http://ide.pergamino.gob.ar/sig/ and in http://ide.pergamino.gob.ar/si
> g/descargas.html you can see the CC by SA 4.0 License. But data it's not
> there, it was provided by Federico Gazaba who is mentioned in
> "Institucional" tab on that page. I'm copying to ide at pergamino.gob.ar
> which is the official mail of that page as you can see in "Acerca de" tab.
> In OSM-Argentina Telegram we discussed and there were no objections about
> it, it would be the first case in Argentina with so many individual
> housenumbers (most of addresses are as interpolation ways). I'm also
> copying talk-ar in this email.
> I had to work with the data. What I have are the parcels, and for each
> parcel the street name and the number. There were a lot of parcels in rural
> area without street name or numbers, also some missing addresses in new
> neighborhoods. I updated names that had abbrevations and some spelling
> mistakes. Also streets were in capital letters so I had to put it in lower
> case.
> Thanks in advance.
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