[Imports] [Import] Infrastructures and Village boundaries of Surabaya City (Indonesia- East Java region)

Walter Nordmann wnordmann at gmx.de
Mon Sep 26 18:17:47 UTC 2016

i read "Using JOSM to import and upload the new data after reviewing 
each administrative level." in your wiki.

Sorry, but that is not enough - to me. Did you ever edit/create boundary 
relations before? if not, you should never ever do that right now.

i found a lot of duplicated and technically wrong boundaries in your 

i.g. in this area: 
i see overlapping incorrect boundaries: 

Probably some older imports, which did not respect the existing 
boundaries. And believe me, that is not the only one, there are dozends.

And what are you planning to do with the outline of Surabaya? Deleting 
those bundaries will damage the areas outside of Surabaya.



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