[Imports] [Import] Infrastructures and Village boundaries of Surabaya City (Indonesia- East Java region)

Walter Nordmann wnordmann at gmx.de
Tue Sep 27 08:44:48 UTC 2016

Hi Dewi,

Am 27.09.2016 um 07:46 schrieb Dewi Sulistioningrum:
> Hi Walter,
> Before I plan to upload the boundaries import data for Surabaya, I 
> have received some feedback and helped by Ivan Garcia 
> <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Capiscuas> who has expertise 
> in correcting boundaries and has previously worked with us in settling 
> Jakarta boundaries.
yes, but is no anwers about your experence. The script of Ivan looks 
fine and i'll check it with real data - of course without uploading.
> The current raw file has the boundary relations already, which I think 
> is quite accurate. I will send the link to the raw gis data when it's 
> uploaded on github.
It's not a question of *data quality*, it's a question about the 
*technical way* adding boundary relations as multipolygons to osm - 
without damaging the "neighbourhood" and without deleting the old 
releations with their history before. Ivan's script seems to do the job 
in an empty area but does not respect the outer borders 
("neighbourhood") and the history.

We had a lot of problems during such a task in Mexico  Nov. '15 till 
March '16 . See http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=52477
They even damaged the international boundaries of the USA, Guatemala and 
Belize. We had to stop them and they had to change a lot in their 
working process. *Now* they know how to do this. ;)
> In regards to the current boundaries in Surabaya, we had contacted 
> those who mapped them previously but they were unable to provide the 
> data license / approval and I believe our data which is formally 
> attained from Indonesian government is more accurate.
This was only an example of what did go wrong and may go wrong again. At 
least at the edges of the import area.
> I might need to clarify that HOT Indonesia, which is where I work now, 
> has not focused its work yet on the issue of data import due to some 
> problem attaining the data from Indonesian government and in 
> explaining about the sensitivity of it to Indonesian OpenStreetMap 
> Community. Thank you very much for your input, we plan to work more on 
> correcting this issue following OpenStreetMap procedures of validating 
> existing data and improving data quality in the incoming project.
btw: Working with HOT - not OSM? Talking of OpenStreetMap Community as 
an extra organisation? Strange to me. You are member of the OSM 
Community too. But that is another "problem".


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