[Imports] Import of buildings heights in Montpellier, France

Peter Barth osm-peda at won2.de
Sun Dec 10 22:06:22 UTC 2017


Pavel Machek schrieb:
> And there will be more painful lessons if OSMF is stupid enough to try
> to mess with licensing in future. 

The point is, that the CTs are written quite vague and potentially trouble 
making in a distant future. The reason probably was to be able to turn
a blind eye to ODBL or CC imports.

Nevertheless I welcome that Tordanik is acting on it! There's no reason
to call this stupid, when it's clear-sighted and potential trouble
preventing. I mean, one should argue that OSM is not about imports but 
about collecting data by humans. Anyways, if one still imports data, it
shouldn't be asked too much to try and ask for a permission for OSM 
instead of a permission for a specific license.

It would be nice if you'd continue to point that out to importers,


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