[Imports] Imports Digest, Vol 102, Issue 8

Georg Verweyen georg at familieverweyen.de
Sat Dec 16 05:31:19 UTC 2017

I agree with the summary of Denis until on the point with the phone number. 

> Am 16.12.2017 um 02:28 schrieb carriere.denis at gmail.com:
> @Damian: A few import review comments:
>   - I agree with Clifford, we should try including the *`operator=Walmart`*
>   to make it easier in the future to query all Walmarts regardless if it's a
>   Superstore or Neighborhood Market.
>   - `*addr:housenumber` *&* `addr:street`* tags should be added which can
>   be extracted from *`addr:full`*
>   - *`phone`* should be written in the following order: +<country
>   code>-<area code>-<local number>
>   - Parse street addresses using OSM convention (ex: 199 W 5Th St => 199
>   West 5th Street)
>      - Lower casing "th" in street numbers (5Th => 5th)
>      - Abbreviations in full (St => Street, W => West)
> Other than that, it looks great! I really like the way the import was
> displayed for a review, makes it really easy to look at the entire dataset
> without having to open a software.
> Best of luck with the Walmart import!

Quote from the Wiki (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:phone)
— Quote start ---
Some countries have very well established national standards on how telephone numbers are written (e.g. xxx-xxx-xxxx in the US) which leads to mappers in those countries preferring that format over the aforementioned standards (but even in this case, the "+1-xxx-xxx-xxxx" format for the NANP standard should be explicit, to indicate that this phone number is callable internationally: OSM user agents should not have to guess how to perform a call according to geographic locations, or according to the value of the first 3-digit group).
— Quote end —

Additionally, I recommend to change the value for the website from... /whats-new to... /details. 
Example: https://www.walmart.com/store/1902/ammon-id/details  
instead https://www.walmart.com/store/1902/ammon-id/whats-new 

Maybe that's the price we have to pay for the data donation.

Regards Georg V. (OSM=user_5359)

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