[Imports] Canada hydrography data

Peter Bubik peterbubik at pbpower.ca
Sat Dec 16 19:15:12 UTC 2017


I would like to improve the mapping of streams and creeks in my area
(southern Alberta, Canada).

Many of the smaller streams are not on OSM, and that's what I am after (the
bigger rivers are already there).

Government of Canada publishes the data (Geogratis.ca) and when I downloaded
a couple of tiles, the two layers (what's on OSM and what Geogratis has) is
about (my estimate) 95% identical - other than the missing streams.


I have never done an import, but it seems to me that someone imported an
older version of this data. 

How would I get in touch with them or find out how far they got in their
project and why did they stop where they stopped?

I'd like to connect with them to continue the good work they did.





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