[Imports] Canton of Bern Address Import (GEBADR list)

michael spreng talk at osm.datendelphin.net
Tue Jan 17 19:52:11 UTC 2017


There was no feedback on our import of addresses in the Swiss canton of
Bern. We have further refined the process and are now starting with the
bulk of the import. We expect it to take quite some time. The idea is to
also improve building layouts where possible. We have set up a tasking
manager at http://tasks.osm.ch/project/3

The changesets shall be marked with
source="Gebäudeadressen des Kantons Bern © Amt für Geoinformation des
Kantons Bern"

Because of the intertwined mapping (improving building outlines from
bing aerial imagery) and importing of the addresses, some contributors
have decided to use their usual user account, instead of a dedicated
import account. I hope this is tolerable in our case. The changesets are
recognizable by the tags mentioned above.


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