[Imports] Import shapefiles to openstreetmaps. Paraguay.

Lucy Ganchozo lucyganchozo at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 17:33:06 UTC 2017

Dear Imports,

Following the steps from the Import Guideline of wiki.openstreetmaps.org and in
order to comply the right procedure to import of data to OSM, this mail
aims to inform and put into discussion the intention of the "MapPyOSM" team
to import polygons in shapefile of buildings mapped from the center of the
city Encarnación - Paraguay, product of a mapping made between 2015 to 2016
during the elaboration of the 'Plan Encarnación Más', the urban and
territorial plan from Encarnación - Paraguay.

The import of these data to the OSM platform would contribute to save the
non-existence of mapped buildings in the mentioned zone by adding them in a
quicker way and seizing the data provided by the Plan Encarnación Más team.

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