[Imports] RFC for Denver Planimetrics Buildings Import

Michael Reichert osm-ml at michreichert.de
Wed Oct 4 21:29:53 UTC 2017

Hi Paul,

Am 03.10.2017 um 21:56 schrieb Paul Norman:
>>> * We're working on getting the processed data hosted for review, also
>>> coming
>>> very soon.
>> Making the processed data available is a requirement for an import
>> discussion.
> This isn't a requirement, but I think it's necessary in this case to see
> if the multipart buildings are being handled correctly. It's often
> helpful in other cases.

It is necessary to review the data to be imported before it is imported
– either the raw data and the modifications or the processed data. The
import discussion would be a farce without such a discussion.

Best regards


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