[Imports] Import of churches in Norway

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Sun Jan 28 18:50:33 UTC 2018

28. jan. 2018 kl. 03:30 skrev Rafael Avila Coya <ravilacoya at gmail.com>:
> 2) -42440 (Valjok kirke):
> This church already mapped has two name tags in OSM:
> "name"="Valjok kirke"
> "name:se"="Váljohka girkko" -> name in Sami language
> In this case, would you add the Sami name to the name tag?
> In general, what will be the sintax when you add both names to the name tag, so all users use a consistent naming? Will it be "Valjok kirke - Váljohka girkko", "Valjok kirke / Váljohka girkko", "Valjok kirke;Váljohka girkko"…?

I don’t think it has been discussed thoroughly, but the practice in Norway seems to be to use only one name/language in the name=* tag. 

If the church is located inside “samisk forvaltningsområde” (≈ “Sami administrative area”), the Sami name should probably be used in the name=* tag, and the Norwegian name added as name:no=*. Sami language has official status in the municipalities that make up “samisk forvaltningsområde”. These are the municipalities:

Unjárga – Nesseby
Deatnu – Tana
Porsanger – Porsáŋgu – Porsanki
Kárášjohka – Karasjok
Guovdageaidnu – Kautokeino
Gáivuotna – Kåfjord – Kaivuono
Loabák – Lavangen
Divtasvuodna – Tysfjord
Aarporte – Hattfjelldal
Raarvihke – Røyrvik
Snåase – Snåsa

> 4) -42800 (Bø kyrkje):
> "name"="Bø kyrkje" -> But the wiki isn't clear on what you will do when it is already mapped with a different name. In this case, the name in OSM is "By kyrkje", so which one will you keep if names are different?

In this particular case the name in OSM is wrong. It should be name=Bø kyrkje.

For churches with more than one genuine name, instructions are given on the wiki: “Some churches have more than one name. The name used on the N50 map will be used in the name tag; others will be kept in the alt_name tag.” 

> The church is also mapped as an area (building footprint). But the wiki doesn't clarify what footprint will remain, if the one present in OSM or the new one from the import.

The building outlines in this data set are generally of high quality and better than the hand drawn ones in OSM. Before replacing them however, they should be double checked against other sources (aerial/satellite imagery or N50 map).

> "architect"="ukjent" -> ukjent means unknown, isn't it? I guess in this case it would be better to skip the architect tag, or change it to "architect"="unknown", although it seems there isn't any object in OSM with the "architect"="unknown" key&value combination according to taginfo [3]. I've checked, and there are 266 churches with this "architect"="ukjent" tag.

The architect=* tag should be deleted for these 266 churches.

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