[Imports] Importing Kerala, India road network from Facebook's ML generated data

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Sep 9 13:40:40 UTC 2018


On 09/09/2018 11:48 AM, Blake Girardot wrote:
> Thank you for the reminder to make sure the wiki page is updated.

It's high time because it is really difficult for me to understand who
the players in this are and what their motivations are.

It appears to me that many people involved in the Kerala import are
actually listed under "HOT Indonesia" on this page:


These accounts all have a profile that goes like

"Hi, this is NAME. I am from Indonesia, and work for Humanitarian
OpenStreetMap Team Indonesia to improve roads coverage in my country.
This is my import account,  please also check my primary one at ACCOUNT."

I am now a little confused. At first this sounded like a small local
group asking Facebook to help ("Me,  muzirian, jaisuvyas are part OSM
community from Kerala ... All three are in approval of importing the
facebook ML data"). Where and how does HOT Indonesia come into this?

We seem to have at least three parties here:

1. HOT Indonesia
2. Facebook
3. local mappers in Kerala

How are they related? Why does a team of local Indonesian mappers
suddenly map in India? Who has given the local Kerala mappers the idea
to ask Facebook for a machine learning data set? Who is running this,
and who is just helping? Is this really something that originated with
local mappers (as it was made to sound when initially presented)? Who is
a volunteer here, and who is performing a paid job?

Blake, since you're quite outspoken in this discussion, perhaps you
could start with transparency - are you just helping out with
communications here or do you have any specific role in this project
and/or concerning the HOT-Facebook liaison and/or with HOT Indonesia? Is
your involvement with HOT entirely voluntary or do you have a paid
position? Who has directed/asked the HOT Indonesia folks to contribute
to the Kerala mapping? Are they doing that voluntarily or are they paid
for it? If they are paid for it, then who pays them?

The page that I stumbled on actually describes an effort in (among other
places) Indonesia and says "Following the imports guidelines, these
imports will be discussed first in the country specific mailing list,
and to get more feedback it will also be shared with the import list.",
however neither this list here nor talk-id has been consulted about any
imports in Indonesia as far as I can see. Has any kind of Indonesia
import been started? Or is this a team that was assembled for an
Indonesia import, then things got delayed, and they're now somehow
assigned other tasks?

I'm sure there will be easy explanations for all this but at the moment
I feel like I'm being given a random selection of puzzle pieces rather
than a full picture.


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