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Korhonen, Juuso juuso.korhonen at cgi.com
Tue Aug 25 14:12:32 UTC 2020

Dear list,

We have planned a one-time data import of Helsinki Region Transport (Helsingin seudun liikenne, "HSL" in short) public transportation stop (bus, rail, metro, ferry) attribute data into OSM. The import has been brewing for a while now and I'm kindly asking for a review of the international OSM community.

The import page:

The import page has all the details but here is a short summary:

Community discussion and more detailed background of the reasons for the import by HSL representative and OSM-user houtari (both Finnish/Swedish):

The data is openly available CC-BY 4.0 HSL stop data:

We have explicit written permission and a waiver for ODbL compatibility:

1) we are doing an automated update of ref-tag value of public transportation stops within the municipality of Helsinki by adding a "H" prefix to ref if the stop is missing the prefix
2) Additionally the import adds names in both of the official languages of Finnish/Swedish and shelter=yes/no for public transportations stops of the whole HSL area (all the participating municipalities).

The HSL stop data is matched with the ref-tag value of OSM stops. Import does not add/modify/remove any features. Only attributes of existing and matching OSM stops are modified (by adding H-prefix if stop ref-tag value is missing it). The names and shelter info are added only if missing and in conflicting cases OSM is considered "master data".

"We" are users houtari, HSL_PALAUTE and juusokor and eager to hear for your feedback.

Thank you for your time!

Juuso Korhonen
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