[Imports] Import of fire hydrants

Michael michael.osm at zwanzig-zehn.de
Fri Jun 25 16:38:58 UTC 2021

Hello all,

I got position data of underground fire hydrants from the local water 
supply company.
The dataset contains around 1000 hydrants, all in the area of the 
municipality of Gangelt ( 
https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/158028#map=12/50.9952/6.0171 ).

My plan: import the data into JOSM and check for each hydrant manually 
- ... whether a hydrant already exists at the point. If yes, then match 
data and make a survey if necessary
- ... whether the position of the hydrant is "plausible". If not (e.g., 
the point in question is within a house), then do not import this object 
and make a survey

I briefly checked the accuracy of the position and could not find any 
obvious problems.

Because of the limited data (only position + reference number) each 
object would have the tags
- emergency=fire_hydrant
- fire_hydrant:type=underground
- fire_hydrant:pressure=yes
- ref=<ref>

As can be seen, some tags, especially fire_hydrant:diameter and 
fire_hydrant:position, cannot be added due to limited data.

Since I am also a member of the fire department in Gangelt, I spoke with 
the head of the fire department and received encouragement for adding 
the data to OSM.
In the context of the annual hydrant inspection, the data could be 
verified and missing tags added.

As recommended in the import guidelines, I would create a separate user 
account for the import process.
Furthermore, I will document the process in the wiki, including source 
code for transforming the data.

I received permission from the data owner to add the data to OSM.

Is this a good way to go? Are there any other things I have to consider?

(Crosspost in german mailing list Talk-DE, see 

Best Regards,

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