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Alexandre Moleiro alexandre.moleiro at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 22:05:00 UTC 2021

Hi from Portugal.

I am writing on behalf of the portuguese OSM community to ask for a review
of our Project to import addresses from the portuguese National Institute
of Statistics.

We have documented the project on the wiki page at:

The wiki is only in portuguese language as it is an exclusively portuguese

We shared details and asked opinions several times using the talk-pt
mailing list, and also the official Telegram group for the portuguese
community, and there was overwhelming support for this project.

You can read an automated english translation using this link:

I will try to make a short summary here:

INE (National Institute of Statistics) has published open data of all
residential addresses in Portugal, we have asked and received written
permission from INE to use the data on OSM.

Link to the written permission:

We will only use automated scripts to convert the data format of the data
provided by INE into more user-friendly formats. The data is originally
provided in GML format with X-links. The automated scripts made by the
community convert the data into geojson or shapefile formats.

All the next steps of the import process will be mostly manual.

The data quality is not very good and it needs to be corrected on a
street-by-street basis looking for wrong street names, duplicate addresses,
and general typos. Many housenumbers were digitized from paper using OCR
and need to be checked.

Also we need to expand abbreviations and some cannot be done using
automated scripts as they are gender sensitive.

Final validation and import will mostly be done using JOSM.

We will use the hashtag #import_pt_ine_2021 in all changesets related to
this import.

Mappers will start by working on their local municipality and report
progress on the project’s wiki page.

We have started some trial imports, with changesets marked with “INE”

You can check out the city of Beja


Here are some changesets related to the import:



Best Regards

Alexandre Moleiro on behalf of the portuguese OSM community

Alexandre Moleiro
  alexandre.moleiro at gmail.com
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