[josm-dev] sac_scale in JOSM - RFC for change of translation

Sebastian Klein bastikln at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 27 11:01:12 GMT 2010

Dirk Stöcker wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Nov 2010, Fichtennadel wrote:
>> I see your point, but if you look at the template it's not possible to 
>> put a
>> long description in the list of values for sac_scale. And the current
>> "information" is misleading, so the idea has been "better none than 
>> wrong".
>> There is already a link to the wiki at the bottom of the template window,
>> which links to "path" and from there to "sac_scale".
> If your descriptions are so misleading, then find others. OSM is no 
> "read the wiki and when you understood it start" project. It is a "start 
> and work" project. When your classification is misleading, so users use 
> it wrong in your eyes, then classifications needs to be reworked.
>> And we are already relying on the users to actively search for the 
>> meaning
>> of tracktype = gradeN, so this seems to work ok and is feasible.
> No. The grades are translated as well and they have a easy definition. 
> In usage of these is in no way accurate.

Well, if you work with English language, you only see grade1-6, but in 
other languages you get additional explanation. The German translation 
isn't that accurate either:

Grad 1 (Asphalt), Grad 2 (Schotter), Grad 3 (unbefestigt), Grad 4 
(leicht bewachsen), Grad 5 (stark bewachsen)

E.g. grade2 misses the "or densely packed dirt/sand" part and the main 
difference between grade3 and grade4 is (according to the wiki) not the 
vegetation but the composition of way material.

Sometimes things simply cannot be described by 1 or 2 words. ;)

>> I'm also not totally happy with this solution, but we didn't come to any
>> better one during the discussion.
> Actually I oppose this solution, as it is against the basic idea of how 
> OSM works.

When some mappers (accidentally) spoil the work of many others, this is 
also not the way osm is supposed to work. Extending the description in 
the presets might be a solution, but I'm not sure how this should be done.


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