[josm-dev] Apache mpoved to git, broken SVN external

Paul Wölfel paul at woelfel.at
Mon Aug 31 12:36:03 UTC 2015

> On Mon, 31 Aug 2015, Paul Wölfel wrote:
> What about also moving JOSM to a Git repository?
> Why?

Local development and committing without network connection, branching, ...
A lot of features which are not that easy or possible with SVN. That's also
the reason I moved all my projects to Git.

> You have a Git mirror of JOSM and plugins can already be developed in Git.
> But the majority is in the SVN repository.

I've already developed and integrated a plugin with Git and thank's to
github it's also possible to integrate it via SVN to the JOSM source.

> Many plugins already are on github and most of the open source projects are
>> also moving from svn to git.
> Which I doubt. Some of the bigger ones do so which is fine, as especially
> these profit from git. Don't count the many dead or dying forks at GitHub,
> but count the real live projects instead and it is much less. I haven't
> seen any statistics taking that "easy fork" factor into account, but even
> with that git-bias SVN and GIT still are about even, which tells me, that
> SVN in reality is still used more often.

That's not what I experienced. There are still a lot of project on SVN but
I don't know many actively being developed on SVN. I haven't seen any new
projects start with a SVN repository. But that's my personal experience and
that might differ depending on with what language and projects you work.

> JOSM wouldn't profit much from git.

If you say so, it's fine. It was just a question why SVN is still in use.

> And please don't mix Git and GitHub.

Didn't do that.

> If we ever move to git as versioning system it will be hosted on JOSM
> server and not on an external service like GitHub and thus most of the
> GitHub benefits will not apply.

Gitlab <https://about.gitlab.com> is great for hosting private repositories


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