[josm-dev] Apache mpoved to git, broken SVN external

Dirk Stöcker openstreetmap at dstoecker.de
Mon Aug 31 14:29:17 UTC 2015

On Mon, 31 Aug 2015, Paul Wölfel wrote:

>> If we ever move to git as versioning system it will be hosted on JOSM
>> server and not on an external service like GitHub and thus most of the
>> GitHub benefits will not apply.
> Gitlab <https://about.gitlab.com> is great for hosting private repositories
> ;-)

Same issue. I've seen many external hosters dying over time (sourceforge 
does this right now finally), so relying on an external hoster when we can 
do it ourself easily is not a good idea.

P.S. Maybe I'm simply already to old, but I don't understand that hype 
around Git. When I came from RCS and SCCS the CVS was a big improvement. 
SVN was a big improvement over CVS again. But Git is not a followup to SVN 
but another philosophy. While it has many advantages it has also a set of 
disadvantages. For me SVN and Git are two different tools and selection 
which one should be used for a certain project depends on a lot of 
details. For JOSM ATM disadvantages of Git overweight the advantages.

P.P.S. I'd like to have the better merge functionality from Git for SVN 

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