[josm-dev] Discussion about Git (was: Apache mpoved to git, broken SVN external)

Bodo Meissner bodo at bodo-m.de
Mon Aug 31 15:43:16 UTC 2015

Zitat von Dirk Stöcker <openstreetmap at dstoecker.de>:

> Same issue. I've seen many external hosters dying over time  
> (sourceforge does this right now finally), so relying on an external  
> hoster when we can do it ourself easily is not a good idea.

I agree. But the selection of a hoster is a minor point. (with  
distributed VCS)

> P.S. Maybe I'm simply already to old, but I don't understand that  
> hype around Git. When I came from RCS and SCCS the CVS was a big  
> improvement. SVN was a big improvement over CVS again.

I started with RCS, have used several version control tools, and am  
still using CVS, SVN, Git. I prefer Git (or Mercurial). When I have to  
use SVN, I try to use it with git-svn if possible.

> But Git is not a followup to SVN but another philosophy. While it  
> has many advantages it has also a set of disadvantages. For me SVN  
> and Git are two different tools and selection which one should be  
> used for a certain project depends on a lot of details.

I guess that's an FAQ theme. Suggestions to use Git pop up here from  
time to time.
I am involved with some other open source project which still uses  
CVS. I also get requests to move to Git. The main reason for not using  
Git is that there are scripts that use CVS commands, and I did not  
have time yet to adapt them to use Git instead of CVS.

> For JOSM ATM disadvantages of Git overweight the advantages.

I would like to see a description of the disadvantages in a  
developers' FAQ list.


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