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Dirk-Lüder Kreie osm-list at deelkar.net
Thu Apr 22 08:27:36 BST 2010

Am 22.04.2010 02:51, schrieb andrzej zaborowski:

> Yeah, but it's a chicken and egg problem.  You choose (a), someone
> makes a super complete map under a license which means we can't use it
> as a source for adding more data, and you get "Only some maps can be
> made" because there isn't enough data, OSM isn't useful.  You choose
> (b) and everyone is forced to share their data and you can say "more
> (all) maps can be made", there are more sources people can use.

No other data gatherer in the world has the manpower OSM has. Even if
our License was to be CC0 or PD, we still would have the best map data
around, simply because no one could really keep up with us. (Assuming,
of course, that the majority of future OSM Mappers would find that
license acceptable).


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