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What you are suggesting would have amounted to allowing every single 
pre-CT mapper
a veto on the license change process. With something around 300'000 
pre-CT mappers,
this is obviously not just not practical, it is simply absurd. Nobody 
likes losing data and
mappers, but it is unavoidable in a process involving so many people 
with so divergent
views on the subject at hand.

I have to yet see anybody claim that the CTs or the ODbL are perfect, we 
are just so far
down the road in the process that the kind of change you have suggested 
would have
implied restarting the whole process. There was ample time and 
opportunity to give
input and work on the CTs -now- that has gone and any amount of 
complaining by
you will not change that (and I say that as somebody who rather unhappy 
with certain
aspects of the CTs which I consider substantially more important than 
your fear of


Am 12.08.2011 09:17, schrieb Olaf Schmidt-Wischhöfer:
> [Robert Kaiser, 11.08.2011, 21:17]:
>> Most of us always agreed that our data is "the data of the OSM project" as
>> soon as we contributed it, and that the project will always be able to use
>> it. Some disagree apparently and make the life of the project much harder.
> Unfortunately it is not "the OSM project" that will decide what happens with
> the data in the future. Many contributors who are important parts of the
> project will not be allowed to vote on future license changes. The sysadmins
> even reserve the right to remove voting rights from people by blocking their
> edit rights. See the definition of "active contributor" in the CT to
> understand why. Members of both the sysadmins and of the legal working group
> are aware of this, but they have clearly stated that they do not want this to
> change. Loosing a few contributors (and their data) is regarded as a minor
> problem.
> My opinion is that the project consists of all people that contribute to it,
> and that all contributors should be acknowledged for their work. Some
> influential people disagree obviously, and this make the life of the project
> much harder.
> OIaf
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