[OSM-legal-talk] I want my access back

Olaf Schmidt-Wischhöfer olaf at amen-online.de
Fri Aug 12 09:27:12 BST 2011

Hi Simon,

[Simon Poole, 12.08.2011, 09:50]:
> What you are suggesting would have amounted to allowing every single
> pre-CT mapper a veto on the license change process. With something around
> 300'000 pre-CT mappers, this is obviously not just not practical, it is
> simply absurd.

I have made many suggestions how this problem could be solved without throwing 
people out of the community or allowing the sysadmins to define the borders of 
the community.

> There was ample time and opportunity to give input and work on the CTs -now-
> that has gone and any amount of complaining by you will not change that

I named my concerns long before the CT were last revised, and I even showed 
that I was willing to work towards concrete ways to fix these issues. It is 
not my fault that the issues was nevertheless ignored.

> (and  I say that as somebody who rather unhappy with certain aspects of the
> CTs which I consider substantially more important than your fear of
> conspiracies).

I do not fear conspiracies and would greatly appreciate it if you stop 
misrepresenting my position.

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