[OSM-legal-talk] I want my access back

Olaf Schmidt-Wischhöfer olaf at amen-online.de
Fri Aug 12 10:49:14 BST 2011

[Simon Poole, 12.08.2011, 11:29]:
> Your changes, as has been pointed out to you before, wouldn't have been
> backwards compatible with the initial CTs.

And in reply, I pointed out how this problem could be solved.

> "Just for the record: Both the wording of the CT and the behaviour of the
> sysadmins have disenfrachised me. I will never contribute to OpenStreetMap
> again (and not only because you are currently blocking my acount frpom
> contributing)."
> Have you changed your mind (which I would consider quite legitimate) and do
> actually want to continue to contribute, or why are you even participating
> in this discussion?

I responded to the Robert's implied claim that „the OSM project“ is identical 
with those that make decisions. I still consider myself very much a part of 
the project, even if I am unable to contribute.

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