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In relation to data WV -> OSM.

Typically, the project has not wanted to accept coords from Wikipedia,
because many of them are derived from  sources seen as incompatible with
OSM.   I see any existing WV coords as just another level of indirection.

As far as adding WV users adding new POIs to OSM, this is open to everyone
who agrees the OSM contributor terms.

If you are considering an automated import into OSM of WV POIs, then once
you have the licencing right, this should be discussed on the imports
list.  I can think of lots of issues here, and legal is just the tip of the

OSM online editors are becoming more user friendly for adding POIs, in the
alternative.  Don't want to reinvent the wheel.

In relation to geocoding from OSM -> WV, and the resulting licence.

Firstly, you may want to look at this recent discussion about OSM and


Personally, I think if there is batch geocoding to the extent there is a
resulting dataset, it should be available under the ODbL, with attribution.

However, the written pages of WV included geocoded POIs in my opinion
constitute a produced work.

Being pretty familiar with WV and OSM, what I think is the right thing to
do is for any automated geocoding is to set up an OSMGeocodeBot account on
WV (or similar).  That account contains details of what it does, and
contains the appropriate attributions and links. In the edit history when
adding geocoding it also contains the appropriate attribution and link.

If any individual user wants to geocode an handful of individual POIs from
OSM, I don't think there is a substantial use, and I don't believe any
attribution is required.  However, the method above would provide a
template should a user wish to use it.


On 9 July 2013 15:25, torty3 <singaporemaps at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all, Wikivoyage is a travel-based wiki, and was recently incarnated as
> a Wikimedia project. In its previous history, there weren't any solid
> attempts at introducing and integrating OpenStreetMaps, but much progress
> has been made at http://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Wikivoyag … Expedition<http://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Wikivoyage:Dynamic_maps_Expedition>and examples can be seen internally at
> http://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Wheaton, which relies on an external map
> server http://maps.wikivoyage-ev.org/w/poimap2 … e=Hornburg<http://maps.wikivoyage-ev.org/w/poimap2.php?lat=52.02912&lon=10.60377&zoom=16&layer=O&lang=de&name=Hornburg>.
> I think we are pretty close to start site-wide implementation, but before
> that, it looks like we need to sort out attribution and legal issues.
> I know Google Maps data is not accepted here, and we have tried our best
> to steer users to use OSM data, but some are still more comfortable using
> Google Maps "What's here" as a way to pinpoint coordinates. From what I
> understand, that isn't kosher either - is this correct?
> We would definitely want to work more closely with OSM, at both importing
> and exporting data. Plans have been discussed to batch geocode points of
> interest from the OSM database and also for us to send back new Wikivoyage
> POIs to OSM. Since coordinate data is still in infancy, if OSM are unsure
> of Wikivoyage sources, it is still early enough to remove such data and
> require stronger attribution in the future, to make sure we follow
> licensing more closely. What would be the suggested process here?
> On a user basis, we could ask for a source, but what would be the required
> attribution on a site basis, as we'll be merging OSM geodata into our
> listings, but some will also be non-OSM/personal geodata. Has enough
> information been added for a Produced Work?
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