[OSM-legal-talk] Fwd: Question regarding OSM Database Licensing

Aurelien Busi aurelien.busi at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 23:31:26 UTC 2014


I've a question regarding the OSM Database license :

I've an Elasticsearch cluster that contain customly indexed nominatim data
that came from an .osm.pbf file.

On the other hand i have a Custom POI database such as "POI( coord
geometry, metadata string)".
My goal is to index the Custom POI Database in the same Elasticsearch
Cluster using the coordinates of a POI to find the street name using
reverse geocoding of nominatim and index the couple POI metadata, nominatim
reverse geocoding data in the ES cluster.

I would like to know if, by doing so, the ES cluster is associated to a
database and if it is subjected to the same license as the OSM database

Thank you for your answer,

Aurélien Busi.
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