[OSM-legal-talk] OpenStreetMap Geocoded Replication Data and Licensing

Rudloff, Peter J peter.rudloff at okstate.edu
Wed Aug 20 17:12:50 UTC 2014

I have a question regarding a research project I and my colleague are working on at Oklahoma State University.  We are working with a dataset of terrorist events that contains location data such as "city name, administrative/state name, country name".  We are planning on geocoding the dataset with the MapQuest Open Geocoding API Web Service, which uses the OpenStreetMap data.  The Global Terrorism Database (http://www.start.umd.edu/gtd/) we are using contains approximately 70,000 events (although many are duplicates in terms of location) that will be geocoded (i.e. associated with latitude, longitude, etc. from the OpenStreetMap data).  My question pertains to the license we are allowed to use when distributing our replication data, which would contain within it some data drawn from the OpenStreetMap data (i.e. latitude and longitude).  As this is an academic project we hope to publish, we want to make our data available to others for easy analysis and replication, etc.  Do we have the ability to assign our own license to this replication data, or will we have to release the replication data under the ODC Open Database License?

Also, is there anything else that you would like researchers to do when publishing work using the OpenStreetMap data, such as using a particular citation, notifying the OpenStreetMap Foundation when a work is published that used OpenStreetMap data, etc.?

Peter Rudloff
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