[OSM-legal-talk] missing attribution for use of OSM data

Robin Paulson robin at bumblepuppy.org
Mon Jan 26 12:38:13 UTC 2015

hi folks,
auckland, new zealand has a council-controlled website which is used for 
route planning on public transport. having done a lot of editing on osm 
over the years, i know the osm data pretty well, and can spot its use 
quite easily [1]. from what i can see, the transport routing site 
doesn't mention osm anywhere, or give correct attribution.

one of my friends has put in a freedom of information request to the 
council, to confirm it is osm data and to get formal confirmation for 
who the contractors are - we know this already though, from examining 
the website, it's smartrak.co.nz

as an aside, it appears their own website may also have unattributed osm 
data, depicting central auckland:

we are confident the data is from osm. assuming it is, what are the best 
steps to take?

this is the site:

[1] the inconsistent tracing of buildings, hedges, fences and driveways 
were a big giveaway, but there are many others, such as geometry and 
naming mistakes, odd road geometry i've drawn in and new features which 
have only been built in the last two weeks



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