[OSM-legal-talk] Comparing geodata results in ODbL? (was metadata)

Matthias Meißer matthias.meisser at rostock.de
Fri Oct 16 13:51:50 UTC 2015

Hi there,

even if I (tried to) follow the metadata-guideline-discussion, I like to ask OSMF about a dedicated usecase that is somewhat related to the meta-topic:

We like to compare our (sadly closed source) vector building outlines, with the existing buildings in OSM. So we touch both (seperate) datasets and compare if a OSM building is covered by our buildings. We delete that existing building and it remains an OSM dataset with buildings that we don't have yet.

While it's not a problem to share the resulting OSM dataset, we are afraid, if we might need to share the original official building outlines? Our goal is to render the result and add it to a webmap.
Don't get me wrong, we don't try 'to rip of' OSM, but can't release the official building outlines of the whole state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (we don't own them). Instead we like to share another result of the comparison: where are buildings still missed in OSM (and could be traced by the community), so the opposite direction of the compare.

We tried to discuss this question already with the local and the german OSM communities and different senior mappers, but we are still a bit sceptical about our interpretation of the ODbL terms. It would be nice to get an answer by the OSMF :-)

kind regards from the city of Rostock,
Matthias Meißer

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