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Hi Seán,
I support the admirable goal of your map.
Have you considered a CC0 license for the data you've collected? -

On Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 5:14 AM Seán Lynch <seanlynch at umail.ucc.ie> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Pretty loaded email here -
> I am the developer of OpenLitterMap.com - the only citizen science
> litter-mapping platform that enables anyone to quantitatively,
> categorically and geospatially map litter anywhere on the planet in
> hyper-spatial resolution :-) I am also one of the most recent members to
> join the OSMF following a talk from Kate at the RGS last year.
> Feel free to give the site a whirl and keep contributing if you like it
> :-) It works on any device.
> All data is free to view by anyone and free to download by any logged in
> user. I do not collect data on how you are using the site or who is
> downloading data. If you can use this data to stop plastic going into the
> ocean, evaluate policy, enforce improved laws, bin catchments, etc - please
> do. It is free and very easy to download as a CSV by Country, State or City
> level.
> In particular, I am looking for advice on my *Terms & Conditions and
> Privacy Policy*.
> You can read both documents here
> openlittermap.com/terms
> openlittermap.com/privacy
> I am looking for a licence to ensure the data will remain Free and Open,
> for any use, without restriction. Including commercial. Currently all data
> is licensed and owned by me, following legal advice. However, I must admit
> the legal side of things is one of my biggest weaknesses. Geography, yes.
> Code, delightful. Legal stuff? *Please help me*!
> I also want to ensure that the agreement clearly acknowledges - and I did
> my best to ensure that - if someone gets injured while litter mapping, eg
> by a needle, that my personal liability is removed. Anyone registering for
> the site must take complete personal responsibility for themselves while
> looking for or mapping litter. By responsibly mapping litter and not coming
> into contact with hazardous items, I believe we can reduce the harms caused
> to society at large.
> There are also significant ethical questions to be addressed about
> revealing drug-related litter. I am in possession of several months of
> needle data in Ireland but there is a debate to be had about calling for
> improved services vs. potentially increasing the marginalisation of
> homeless users. That data is currently offline.
> If anyone would like to offer advice, open a discussion or chat with me
> privately, please do get in touch I would love to hear some expert thoughts
> / opinion(s)!
> Cheers,
> Seán
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> https://openlittermap.com @OpenLitterMap (Fb, Tw, Ig)
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> M.Sc. GIS & Remote Sensing (UCC, 2014)
> B.A. Geography & Economics (UCC, 2011)
> ie.linkedin.com/in/seanlynchgis
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