[Moderation] Welcome to the first 20 subscribers!

Mark Williams mark.666 at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Sep 29 09:25:23 BST 2009

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Peter Miller wrote:
> I have checked on the admin interface and we already have 20  
> subscribers which is great so I think we can get started.
> Would it be sensible for people say what they are doing and wanting to  
> see done and to ensure that the wiki contains the relevant  
> information. I added all the pages I could find to a 'counter  
> vandalism' list some time ago.[1] Possibly it is not the right name,  
> and we could change it - I used it to match the terms used in Wikipedia.
> Also... does anyone fancy being an admin for the list? If so let me  
> know. It means you get to see all the exciting offers that are not  
> appropriate for the list itself! It also means that genuine new  
> posters are likely to have their posts arriving on the list sooner  
> which is important in the early days of a list.

Sorry, Moving Day today so no internet 'til I get Wightcable in...
I'll catch up at weekend but no good for admin!

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