[Moderation] Welcome to the first 20 subscribers!

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Tue Sep 29 09:40:43 BST 2009

Peter Miller wrote:

> Would it be sensible for people say what they are doing and wanting to  
> see done and to ensure that the wiki contains the relevant  
> information. I added all the pages I could find to a 'counter  
> vandalism' list some time ago.[1] Possibly it is not the right name,  
> and we could change it - I used it to match the terms used in Wikipedia.

I've used Frederik Ramm's revert scripts a few times to revert edits. 
Both on request by mappers that made mistakes and asked for assistance, 
and in the case of editing mistakes caused by dicking about in a certain 
editor's Live Editing mode or even plain maliciousness.

 From reverting those few times, I already noticed that reverting can be 
very hard very soon, if not done soon after the changes have gone in. 
Other people will notice the same edits appearing on the map, and may 
start correcting those by hand, which by and of itself already makes a 
clean revert virtually impossible, without approaching every object in a 
changeset on its own.

My goals are on the one hand to have a faster and more streamlined 
approach to revert requests, to have a higher incidence of clean 
reverts, as on helping on the revert tools to make them more flexible 
and useful when reverting multiple changes in multiple changesets. My 
time to code, however, is very short, and I've already read about other 
people's ideas for a revert framework, so I'll be happy to help there.

> Also... does anyone fancy being an admin for the list? If so let me  
> know. It means you get to see all the exciting offers that are not  
> appropriate for the list itself! It also means that genuine new  
> posters are likely to have their posts arriving on the list sooner  
> which is important in the early days of a list.

I presume there can be more than one admin? If so, I won't mind doing 
part-time duties for a while.


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