[OSM-newbies] Making Garmin eTrex Vista responsive to a Linux system

Simon Ward simon at bleah.co.uk
Sat Dec 27 17:05:19 GMT 2008

On Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 03:02:41PM +0100, Johannes Huesing wrote:
> ls -l /dev/usbdev4.6*
> crw-rw---- 1 root root 254, 10 2008-12-27 14:49 /dev/ usbdev4.6_ep00
> crw-rw---- 1 root root 254, 12 2008-12-27 14:49 /dev/ usbdev4.6_ep03
> crw-rw---- 1 root root 254, 11 2008-12-27 14:49 /dev/ usbdev4.6_ep81
> > sudo chgrp plugdev /dev/usbdev4.6*
> [sudo] password for hannes:

Ah, you should also have /dev/bus/usb/004/006?  If so, try changing the
group of that too.

If it helps, my configuration (on a Debian system though, I don’t have
an Ubuntu (let alone Ubuntu Hardy) system to hand at the moment but they
follow the Dapper Drake method on GPSBabel’s page about it[1]) is shown

In your case, you may wish to try SUBSYSTEM!="usb" as per a comment on
Launchpad bug #114565[2].  If it isn’t obvious, you will need to unplug
and re‐plug the GPS device for the changes to the udev rules to apply.
The SUBSYSTEM!= and ACTION!= rules cause udev to skip to the label (i.e.
skip setting the group) if they match.  To find the SUBSYSTEM, you can

    udevinfo -a -p /class/usb_device/usbdev4.6

[1]: http://www.gpsbabel.org/os/Linux_Hotplug.html
[2]: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qlandkarte/+bug/114565

> […] and I'll switch to the gpsbabel list.

They may provide more help.  If none of my suggestions work I’d be
curious to know the answer. ☺


    # prevent garmin_gps from being loaded so generic USB can be used
    # instead
    blacklist garmin_gps

I originally had a ‘gps’ group and the following (note just the one
line—I think this means it will happen regardless of SUBSYSTEM and


    SYSFS{idVendor}=="091e", SYSFS{idProduct}=="0003", GROUP="gps"

garmin-forerunner-tools installed the following, which stomped on my
original setup, with group ‘plugdev’:


    ATTRS{idVendor}=="091e", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0003", GROUP="plugdev"

A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a
simple system that works.—John Gall
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