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Nick Black nick at blacksworld.net
Wed Aug 12 17:21:19 UTC 2009

On 11 Aug 2009, at 20:19, sotm at livingwithdragons.com wrote:

> I've been thinking a "virtual membership card"

Here are some ideas.  Overall, I'm not a big fan of elitism, but I  
think an idea like a virtual membership card could work:

* A blog badge with your membership number on - signed in someway so  
that only you can use it.  I also like Simon's idea about  
merchandising discounts

* An email signature that only OSM-F members use on the lists - an  
honor system, if people want to pretend to be OSM-F members, then we  
are doing something right

But why stick with "virtual cards"

* Car window / bumper stickers

* T-shirts

* A special edition Garmin GPS ;-)

* Tatoos ;-P

> would be nice to have available. In my thoughts I didn't call it that.
> I imagine for some people a/the reason for being an OSMF member is  
> because they want to make it clear that they care about the OSM and  
> will support it not only with contributions but also with voting and  
> some finances.
> I only have a small personal blog related to OSM, but it would be  
> nice if my pride was visible not only by "x edits made" but by a  
> graphic that said "OSM Foundation Member". It's not always about how  
> much you've contributed anymore, but that you care the data remains  
> free and in good hands.
> The reason I haven't yet suggested such a (set of?) graphic(s) be  
> made is that I was planning to make one first and then confirm that  
> the OSMF Board would allow such graphics/statements to be used.  
> Realistically I won't get round to doing it, and graphics aren't my  
> strong point.

You should go ahead and knock something up - its a great idea.


> Gregory Marler
> http://www.livingwithdragons.com
> Dave Stubbs wrote:
>> On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 4:52 PM, <Lulu-Ann at gmx.de> wrote:
>>> Hi there!
>>> I am trying hard to catch up reading all this.
>>> I wonder why there is so much worrying about membership growth.
>>> As long as we don't accidently make the foundation INTERESTING to  
>>> the OSM contributors, we surely don't need to worry.
>>> So let's think about what advantages to people take from joining.
>>> I got a cheaper ticket for SotM09.
>>> And I want to have a vote about the license change.
>>> Let's see if I can think of other reasons...
>>> .
>>> .o
>>> .o O
>>> . o O  ( )
>>> . o O  (      ...       )
>>> . o O  (      ????       )
>>> Well, not yet. Can anybody tell me? Thanks.
>>> By the way, that might be a German expectation, but I did not get  
>>> any information that my money has reached the foundation, I did  
>>> not get any kind of membership pass, I did not get access to the  
>>> voting mailing list (not even after inquiring several times), and  
>>> the access to this list took weeks.
>>> It does not make me feel very welcome...
>>> So would I recommend the membership and tell 10 friends who tell  
>>> 10 friends... ? Whatfor?
>>> No, I don't think we need to worry about membership growth at all.
>>> Sorry I am so negative, but I got less than I expected.
>> You do seem to spend a lot of time expecting things.
>> I gather the membership stuff is mike and about 150 people clamouring
>> for attention. It's not like we're actually paying anybody to do this
>> (at the moment at least), so just be patient.
>> I don't think the "vote" mailing list is actually used for  
>> anything...
>> or if it is then don't feel too left out, I'm not a member either. If
>> you want to vote in the board elections, instructions are on the
>> wikipage -- it doesn't involve the mailing list at all.
>> And I'd rather the foundation spent money on something useful rather
>> than mailing me a membership card (for what exactly?).
>> Dave
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