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sotm at livingwithdragons.com wrote:
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>I've been thinking a "virtual membership card" would be nice to have
>available. In my thoughts I didn't call it that.
>I imagine for some people a/the reason for being an OSMF member is because
>they want to make it clear that they care about the OSM and will support it
>not only with contributions but also with voting and some finances.
>I only have a small personal blog related to OSM, but it would be nice if
>my pride was visible not only by "x edits made" but by a graphic that said
>"OSM Foundation Member". It's not always about how much you've contributed
>anymore, but that you care the data remains free and in good hands.
>The reason I haven't yet suggested such a (set of?) graphic(s) be made is
>that I was planning to make one first and then confirm that the OSMF Board
>would allow such graphics/statements to be used. Realistically I won't get
>round to doing it, and graphics aren't my strong point.

Another useful aspect of a membership card is when promoting OSM to others.
I don't even currently have an OSMF business card as a board member but then
in practice I would be happy with is car which has my username and contact
details on it (The OSMF or local chapter affiliation address could be
printed on the back). Like Gregory I'd probably never get around to mocking
one up, but if someone else gets the idea and has some thoughts.

The biggest pain is printing. I've done membership cards as a membership
secretary before and while it's easy to do a once a year print run of an
individual card per person it's not so easy to be doing them in ones and
twos. We would also potential each need a varying size batch of cards
depending on how much evangelising we do. Perhaps for the evangelising
approach the little 8-fold handouts and some printed labels would be
simpler. I'm not after a membership card per se.



>Gregory Marler
>Dave Stubbs wrote:
>	On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 4:52 PM, <Lulu-Ann at gmx.de> <mailto:Lulu-
>Ann at gmx.de>  wrote:
>		Hi there!
>		I am trying hard to catch up reading all this.
>		I wonder why there is so much worrying about membership
>		As long as we don't accidently make the foundation
>to the OSM contributors, we surely don't need to worry.
>		So let's think about what advantages to people take from
>		I got a cheaper ticket for SotM09.
>		And I want to have a vote about the license change.
>		Let's see if I can think of other reasons...
>		.
>		.o
>		.o O
>		. o O  ( )
>		. o O  (      ...       )
>		. o O  (      ????       )
>		Well, not yet. Can anybody tell me? Thanks.
>		By the way, that might be a German expectation, but I did
>get any information that my money has reached the foundation, I did not get
>any kind of membership pass, I did not get access to the voting mailing
>list (not even after inquiring several times), and the access to this list
>took weeks.
>		It does not make me feel very welcome...
>		So would I recommend the membership and tell 10 friends who
>tell 10 friends... ? Whatfor?
>		No, I don't think we need to worry about membership growth
>		Sorry I am so negative, but I got less than I expected.
>	You do seem to spend a lot of time expecting things.
>	I gather the membership stuff is mike and about 150 people
>	for attention. It's not like we're actually paying anybody to do
>	(at the moment at least), so just be patient.
>	I don't think the "vote" mailing list is actually used for
>	or if it is then don't feel too left out, I'm not a member either.
>	you want to vote in the board elections, instructions are on the
>	wikipage -- it doesn't involve the mailing list at all.
>	And I'd rather the foundation spent money on something useful rather
>	than mailing me a membership card (for what exactly?).
>	Dave
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