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Henk Hoff henk at toffehoff.nl
Wed Aug 19 14:07:30 UTC 2009

2009/8/19  <Lulu-Ann at gmx.de>:
> I wrote:
> Hey, do you think I give money to an organization collecting data for a world size database if I would not trust enough to believe they have basic database skills?

You make it seem that you can only have a proper membership
registration if you use a state-of-the-art very scalable database.
That's not my opinion.
By the way: talking about basic database skills: a primary key is
(should be) something completely different from a membership number.
(who says it needs to be a number anyway? .... or even: who says we
absolutely need to have an id of some sort [to have a legitimate
memberslist]? )

>> > Can we have a field for the membership number in the wiki template,
>> > please?
>> What purpose would that serve?
> Persons could not pretend do be OSMF members because a double key would be obvious.

... and how can I check if the membership number is still an active
member and not of someone how has not renewed his/her membership? ....
or is it a valid membership number after all?
The only way to make that sure is to check this with the membership
secretary (membership at osmfoundation.org).  Or (if you do not trust our
membership secretary) we should make our membership list public
(including all the verifiable information). I believe that's not what
we want to do. You neither reading the next sentence.

>> > I do not want my address to be downloadable,
>> [..]
>> Of course you are right, the OSMF currently doesn't even have your
>> snail-mail address so the discussion is moot.
> How can I be a legally confirmed member in an organization where my identity is not validated other but through a nickname email address at a freemailer?
> If that is how much OSMF knows about the law, then talking with OSMF about a new license seems very wasted time.
What is a legally confirmed member? Checking the home-address? Or
social security number? or passport ... or well why not take
fingerprints and a DNA-sample as well....
Currently the we communicate with our members is via e-mail. If a new
member tries to hide his identity during sign-up by using a freemailer
and a numbered backing account from the cayman islands, he/she should
not complain if we deny him/her voting rights or whatever because we
can not check his/her identity.

Important at the moment is: are we capable to identify fully-paid
members who are eligible to vote for the new board. My opinion: yes we

> btw, anybody can vote... nowhere in the voting rules is said, that you need to send your vote from the registrated email address...

Let's just say that's for your convenience. If the voting committee is
in doubt about the voter's identity I'm sure they will contact him/her
to make sure whether the person is eligible to vote.

> Regards
> Lulu-Ann


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