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Thu Aug 20 05:14:56 UTC 2009

One other brief comment I would make about all this sudden alarm at the
prospect of Cloudmade having two board members is just to observe that this
has already been the case for the past year. During this time the OSMF board
seems to have functioned perfectly well as far as I can see. I am unaware of
any inappropriate behavior by the board during this time to favor Cloudmade
(and if anybody knows of any then they should raise the specific concerns
that they have). I agree with James that it is really inappropriate to
suddenly raise such a big fuss 24 hours before the vote closes, when we have
already been in the situation that is supposedly such a concern for a year,
without any apparent problems.

I reiterate that it is my opinion that Nick and Steve both have made and
will continue to make outstanding contributions as individuals to OSMF, and
that their company affiliation is incidental to the work they do in this
regard. I support both of them continuing as board members.

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