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Thu Aug 20 10:18:49 UTC 2009

Peter Miller wrote:
>Sent: 20 August 2009 8:33 AM
>To: Kenneth Gonsalves
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>Subject: Re: [Osmf-talk] EVERYONE: PLEASE VOTE
>On 20 Aug 2009, at 08:01, Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:
>> On Thursday 20 Aug 2009 12:15:27 pm Peter Miller wrote:
>>> On this particular issue I do strongly advocate a system where
>>> membership of the foundation can be earned by the 'sweat of the
>>> brow' (ie sustained contribution to OSM over a period of time) rather
>>> than only with cash. I believe this would dramatically increase the
>>> number of members (some of whom might actually vote) and remove the
>>> current bias towards the west and towards those with spare cash. I
>>> raised the question on the foundation list last month [1] and there
>>> was a useful discussion about it but the view of a board member was
>>> that it was not an issue that was getting attention. Possibly in
>>> light
>>> of the above it should do.
>> yes. This is more important than the issue of one company or the
>> other fixing
>> the poll. 12 GBP is a big sum for people in the third world - and
>> paying by
>> credit card is not all that easy from here. I suppose when local
>> chapters come
>> up there will be more representation from here. But certainly
>> contribution -
>> regardless of the type of contribution should be the main criterion
>> for
>> membership of the OSMF. Fortunately in the open source world, it is
>> very easy
>> to judge contribution - and difficult to fake it. How this vibes
>> with british
>> law is something else, but I feel this may not be too difficult to do.
>I get the impression that there is good support for this approach and
>don't believe that British law would be a problem. Fyi, the current
>draft Local Chapter's agreement there is a requirement for chapters to
>give £10 to the OSMF per member.   "The Federated Organisation will
>pay the Foundation a fee of £10 per annum (or as amended from time-to-
>time) for each of their members, or as otherwise agreed with the
>Foundation.  Identification and contact details of each member to be
>provided to the Foundation and payment to be made to the Foundation
>within 30 days of the joining date of the member to the Federated
>Organisation." [1].
>Personally I see no justification for money flowing from the local
>chapters to the foundation. 

My belief is that there is a need for this to happen for two reasons.
Firstly to ensure that federated members are also members of OpenStreetMap
Foundation (so that they can vote) and secondly so that OSMF actually has
some funds from its membership. This is all very normal practice and the £10
proposed is probably the lowest reasonable amount practicable.

However if we can find some other means of affecting the same end that does
not put a burden on individuals then that’s great, but I don't think we can
get away from it where there is an interrelationship with OSMF.

Something that can be investigated while ironing out other "membership"
related issues.



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