[Osmf-talk] New license proposal status II

Ulf Möller um at ulfm.de
Thu Dec 3 08:08:52 UTC 2009

Frederik Ramm schrieb:

> The responsibility of the decision lies with the members. They need to 
> be fully informed. If *I* were on the LWG, I would welcome opposition 
> statements and include them in the letter I send to the members, because 
> it is not *me* who makes the decision, and not me who has to take 
> ultimate responsibility - it is the members. If I would keep crucial 
> information away from them, that would only open the door to later 
> claims of a doctored process.

I think in the interest of transparency the email should include link to 
the archive of this discussion, or to a wiki page summarizing it.

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