[Osmf-talk] License Status III

Gervase Markham gerv at gerv.net
Sat Dec 5 13:54:30 UTC 2009

On 05/12/09 08:43, Mike Collinson wrote:
> Agreed. I think there are two major options. The first is to be very
> clear that the "Accept" is the bit that has legal force and that the
> rest is declarative (not sure that is the right word) without legal
> force. The contributor is simply flagging their belief. Any suggestions
> on phrasing that without losing the original intent welcome. Perhaps it
> should be much shorter.

Let's start with "Accept;". That shows it's like the option above in force.

How about:

"Accept; furthermore I grant permission for any subsequent license change"

> The other option is to indeed allow individuals to allow their data, and
> only their data, to be potentially available under a formalised "PD"
> arrangement or license like CC0 as you suggest ...

With the above wording, that would be done by the OSMF stating that the
contributions of all those who had ticked the middle option were now
available under CC0.


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