[Osmf-talk] seeking funding ideas

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Thu Apr 29 22:15:07 UTC 2010

dear OSM massive,

On 29/04/2010 21:30, SteveC wrote:
> I say begging as it's dictionary definition is closer
> to what we do than donations.

Okay, so at the last Jornadas SIG Libre in Girona, a bloke name of Genis 
Roca gave a very convincing talk about post-Web-2.0 business models for 
(geospatial) online services. Slides are here:


Now unfortunately for some these slides are in Castellano so here is a 
rough summary in English. What is missing from English is the idea of
"rentability" which implies "making a living, not a killing"

Here is the ASCII art version of Genis' talk - hope this works.

*Publicity* ---|                        Not expecting rentability
*Commissions* -|                        2. to influence
Donations -----|                        3. to sell
Pay per view --|                        Expecting rentability
*Databases* ------------------------- * due to the audience
		    |---------------- *	due to the technology
		    |	        |----- * due to the brand
Pay for premium use |           |
*Corporate use*	----|           |
*Franchising by territory*------|
*Franchising by market segment* |
*Diversification* --------------|



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